All DPISD Skyward Users - Automatic Complex Password Change for all Family Access and District Staff


ALL DPISD SKYWARD USERS (District Staff/Family Access/Student Access) :

Skyward Security Update – Thursday, May 18

Re: Automatic Complex Password Change for all Family Access and District Staff

In an ongoing commitment to protecting student data, Skyward is updating/improving their security features by implementing the use of a complex password. With this security update, there will be an Automatic Password Change for all Skyward users (Family Access/Student Access/District Staff).

Starting Thursday, May 18….You will be prompted to change your Skyward password to a Complex password. Your new Complex password must contain the following:

--8 characters in length

--includes at least one number

--includes at least one character

--includes at least one capital letter

Watch the prompts as you log in for the first time after the update is applied Wednesday evening.

If you are already using a Complex password (as defined above), Skyward may let you keep this password. So the prompt you receive may only ask you to enter your current password.

If you are NOT using a Complex password, your prompt will require you to enter a new password matching the conditions defined above.

Suggestions –

----Use a “password phrase”. A phrase is sometimes easier to remember rather than trying to expand a single word

i.e. MydogSkip then change the vowels to numbers/characters …… Myd@gSk1p

---DPISD staff…..Consider using 2 DIFFERENT passwords, one for your Skyward account and a different one for your Network/Computer password

**Don’t forget about the Forgot Password link on the Skyward Login page. This feature can still be used.

If you have a DPISD Skyward account and you also have a Family Access account, you will be prompted to change your password for each account.

If you use the Skyward Mobile App, no prompts will display. Changes/Prompts only occur when logging in from a “computer”.

If you run into any problems or need any help with this complex password change, please reach out to the Family Access HelpDesk ([email protected])