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Dress Code

Dress Code
·Deepwater Junior High follows the districts dress code policies. Please see complete list in the DPISD Student Handbook at www.dpisd.org in the “Student” link.
·Parents will be contacted to bring students appropriate clothing and the student will receive a warning for the first dress code violation and detention or ISS will be assigned for any subsequent violations.
·Below are some highlights from the district’s dress code and additional campus dress code rules:
1) Tops:
• Shirts and blouses should be of proper length. They must cover the entire torso fully (shoulders, stomach, waist, chest, back) even when the student’s hand is raised.
• No crop tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps, mesh shirts, or sleeveless jerseys.
• A student cannot simply wear a jacket to cover an inappropriate shirt. The student will be asked to change into an appropriate shirt.
• 2) Length of shorts/dresses/skirts:
• Dresses, shorts, and skirts must be of appropriate length.
• **Appropriate length is defined as: Midpoint between the knee and fingertips**
3) Pants:
• Elastic-waist, basketball-type shorts may be worn but must be of appropriate length
• Yoga pants/leggings may be worn BUT only with a top long enough to cover the students bottom (mid-thigh)
• Bike shorts are not appropriate for the school setting and should not be worn.
• No see-through tops or bottoms
• Pants that are frayed or have holes above the knee are not allowed. Students must wear leggings or knee-length shorts underneath pants that have shredded or holes above the knee.
4) Piercings:
• Boys cannot wear earrings to school. Boys are not allowed to cover piercings with a bandage – it must be removed. Clear spacers are allowed.
• No spiked or studded accessories including: belts, chokers, rings, finger/knuckle armor etc.
• No chains such as those being used as a belt, long key chain, or wallet chains
5) Footwear:
• No slides, no sandals without backs, no slippers, no flip-flops. Crocs or Croc-like shoes must have the backings down around the heel.
6) Content on clothing:
• Clothing, accessories, and mask should not depict inappropriate images or words not appropriate for the school environment.
7) Hair/Head:
• Boys must be clean-shaven.
• No carvings in hairstyles. no mohawks.
• Dyed hair is acceptable but must be well-groomed.
• No hats, no bandanas, no headboppers/character headbands.
• No hoods of hoodies worn on campus.